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Images Household Major Appliances Servicing by our Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration Company in Vancouver.
           Installation and Replacement for All Major Electric Appliances

  1.  Air Conditioners:
  2.  a.  air conditioner
  3.  Bathroom Fans, Humidity Fans, Exhaust Fans, Ceiling Fanc and etc.:
     a. ... fans
  4.  Dishwashers Built-in and Portable Dishwashers:
     a. miele's dishwasher
     b. built-in dishwasher installation instructions
     c. front loading portable dishwasher
     d. what you can or can not wash safely in your dishwasher
     e. dishwasher troubleshooting the problem solver
     f. how to prepare the dishes for washing
     g. how to use dishwasher sam functions and special convenience features
     h. dishwasher safety instructions
  5.  Dryers:
  6.  a. clothes dryer
     b. dryer - electrical troubleshooting  
     c. dryer repair and service
  7.  Dryer Vent cleaning:
  8.  a. dryer vent cleaning
  9.  Freezers:
  10.  a. freezer
  11.  Garburators, Food Waste Disposer and Garbage Disposal:
  12.  a. cleaning the garbage disposal
     b. how to clean batch feed garbage disposal
     c. how to clean continuous feed food waste disposer
     d. how to service a garburator food waste disposer and garbage disposal 
     e. how to repair a garburator
     f.  how to install a garburator
     g. how to repair garburator
     h. replace
  13.  Gas Ranges:
     a. gas range
  14.  Ice Makers:
     a. ice maker troubleshooting
  15.  Important Safety:
     a. important safety electric appliances
  16.  Range Hoods:
     a. installation
  17.  Ranges, Stoves, Ovens and Built-In Ovens:
     a. operate and care electric oven 12 questions and answers
     b. electric ranges and stoves
     c. electric ovens and built in ovens
  18.  Refrigerators:

    Source: BBB Accredited Business Directory - Refrigerators & Freezers-Service & Repair Serving Vancouver, BC.

    Video - How to Adjust the Leveling Legs on a Refrigerator and how looks like frost on evaporator (defrost problem) the Freezer Compartment.

     a. energy saving tips refrigerator and freezer
  19.  b. refrigerator diagnosis 
     c. refrigeration system components
     d. electronic refrigerator
     e. refrigerator electrical control devices
     f.  hands free refrigerator door opening
     g. hfc 134a the refrigerator coolant 
     h. how to clean a refrigerator or freezer  
     i.  refrigerator maintenance 
  20.  Toaster Ovens:
     a. welbilt toaster ovens
  21.  Washers:
     a. automatic washing machine and common installation problems and possible causes
  22.  b. washer helpful laundry hints
  23.  Wet-Dry Vacuums:
     a. vacuum cleaning system
  24.  b. wet - dry vacuum

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