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 Thank You for opportunity to earn Your trust and support Andy’s Appliance & Refrigeration a Certified Technician has been servicing and repairing all major household appliances since 1993. We are feel qualified to write review by myself to all my valued Clients in Vancouver, BC. We are proud of our success and keep our Clients always satisfied with prompt efficient service.
Andy’s Appliance & Refrigeration offer the most trusted Service and Repair Major Household Appliance located in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC.
Our goal is to keep our Clients always happy with our prompt and efficient service, as a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat Customers and referrals.
Andy’s Appliance & Refrigeration proud of highly ranked members of Better Business Bureau® (BBB®) with a successful rating of A+,  Since March 08,1998.
Better Business Bureau® founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau® is a leader in advancing marketplace where businesses and consumers can trust one another. Not every business is eligible for BBB® Accreditation. Businesses must be able to meet, maintain and agree to the BBB® Code of Business Practices (Accreditation Standards) in order to be eligible for and maintain BBB® Accreditation.

The Better Business Bureau® is good because to get review working 3 people: BBB®, Someone and You. The qualified person from the BBB® determines who is right. BBB® weapons client. It is not easy to get a good opinion. But if Someone write something bad you can always talk with BBB® and they explain why this happen and who is right. It is not fair, if someone write the review which is not true.

BBB: Read Your Customer Review
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- BBB's Customer Reviews deliver a more accurate approach to customer feedback.
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Before you call for Your Service - You Can Review a Business With the Better Business Bureau® of Mainland B.C. At: 604.682.2711

1. Licensed Business:
Business License # 17-143193
Licences & Inspections Department...
Mobile Service Repair/Service/Maintenance
Located At: 2455 York Avenue Vancouver BC V6K 1C9 

2. Knowledge:
- Kwantlen University College British Columbia June 09, 1995:
Canadian skills
- Certification in Appliance Servicing...

1. Member of Canadian Electronic & Appliance Service Association of British Columbia in Vancouver. CEASA Canadian Electronic & Appliance - Service...

Code of Ethics
The purpose of the Code is to foster a “Sense of Responsibility” to the Consumer by all those engaged in the Canadian Electronic and Appliance Service Industry. To achieve its aims and objectives, all Ceasa Members Shall Practice Good Business Principles and Maintain the High Standards Resulting from Adherence to the Ceasa Code of Ethics by:
1. Providing the consumer with good Electronic and Appliance Service Repair.
2. Using only Quality Replacement Parts in All Repairs.
3. Providing the consumer with a detailed statement of Repair charges.
4. Keeping Appointments made with the Consumer for house calls, shop repairs, etc.
5. Contacting the consumer when Appointments must be Change due to Unforeseen Circumstances.
6. Advising the Consumer of the Approximate Costs Before Proceeding with Repairs when Requested.
7. Recognizing the Needs and Problems of the Consumer when Repairs are Delayed.
8. Respecting the Consumer's Property at All Times.
9. Keeping Informed on the Latest Servicing Methods and Techniques. 
10. Avoiding situation that Could Result in Consumer Dissatisfaction.

Be Kind. It matters.

August 29, 2016
Subject: Teaching opportunity

Dear Andy,
I came across your website while researching appliance repair in Vancouver. I was very impressed with the information you have included, and how you tracked specific customer complaints and the repairs/parts needed to correct the faults.
Vancouver Community College is starting a new appliance repair certification program specifically for Samsung appliances and I was wondering if you...

Cell: 604.488.4204

Vancouver Community College rolls out new appliance repair hub Vancouver Courier.

Below are reviews and comments that we have received from our valued Clients in Vancouver, BC:

1. The Better Business Bureau® - reviews since 2015.
- Congratulations! For a Special Certificate Presentation for 15 years Acreditation. Sent by mail 2014.06.06
Date: 2011 Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration has been selected from president and chief executive officer (CEO) of The Better Business Bureau®. Receiving a letter labelled "Start With Trust®" it was quoted, March 08, 2011 that,  "We are honoured to have a great business like yours as part of the better business bureau" - Andy's Appliance & Refrigeration

- A Special Certificate Presentation for 15 Year Acreditation.

BBB Invites... 

404-788 Beatty St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2M1 Start With Trust®

2. - reviews since 2015.

3. - reviews since 2009.
- From: HomeStars Ins Events
- Best of 2014 Congratulations on being named one of Vancouver's Best of 2014 Winner by HomeStars Inc.

4. reviews since 2011.

- Reviews & Complaints from Better Business Bureau®.
- Reviews & Complaints from Google.
- Reviews & Complaints from HomeStars.
- Reviews & Complaints from Yelp.
- Customer Coments

Have a Great, and Healthy Day!


Andy’s Appliance & Refrigeration
Vancouver, B.C. Line: 604.551.3330
Andy J. Wardowicz

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